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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

save electricity campaign

good initiative by the kerala electricity board to prevent overuse of electricity.
a series of sensible advertisemensts highlighting steps to rationalise use of electricity.
good step indeed.
but why stop there? why not subsidise the so called wonder lamp  the  CFL  spending
a fraction of the expenditure on these advertisments?  is it not better to make the CFL
affordable rather than repeat the advise like a parrot to buy  them paying almost
10 times the price of a normal bulb ?
also what is happening  to LED bulbs ? much more energy efficient and long lasting than
CFL , but costlier as well , may be 30 times. why not offer a one time subsidy and
popularise  LED bulbs ?
what is happening to SOLAR alternative ? in  a country like india sun power  should be
the cheapest source. but look at the price of solar panels . unaffordable by any reckoning.
not even tax cuts there. with the inherent inefficiency of the battery system and the prohibitive
cost of the solar panels  no sane person would think of shifting to solar lighing his house .
but why not make the panels which is used only for tapping solar power (uinlike the battery
which is used for many other purposes) affordable by subsidising them ?
may be the answer to all questions lies in the fact that thinking straight is not that simple .
 thinking  straight and simple doesnt pay . yielding to lobyyiung probably does.