q u o t e

Sunday, January 10, 2010


time is a very difficult concept. time is definitely not that infinite straight line which  we think it is.
the idea of past presence and future is really difficult to comprehend.

think of the life of  a bacteria which lives only for a few seconds .
or take the example of  a butterfly which let us assume lives for 6 hours.
that is 6 hours of human time.
from a human perspective where is the past and future of this butterfly ?.
we see the entire stretch of 6 hours in one lot  in our present time.

think of a species whose one day consists  of our 100 years. ( we can see such reference
in our religious scriptures ) . for Him our entire life is present time.  our concept of past and future
simply does not apply.

let us reread that good old story.

in a dark  room there are three  people playing different instruments.
and there is a narrow beam of light which scans the room in really slow
motion. at a prticular time the beam is on the violinist and the violinist
comes into our view. after some time the beam moves to the drummer.
we see the drummer.
human mind draws the following conclusions .

in the room a violinist played  yesterday ( the  past ) and a drummer played
today. who will play tomorrow ( the future ) is not known.

but the fact is that a violinist , a drummer and  a guitarist are all playing
at the same time.

probably time is that fourth dimension which takes us ( in the other three dimensions )
into and out of incidents ( and accidents ). and the aggegate of incidents describes the world
in a more comprehensive manner.

measuring time in terms of increments ( of hours ,days,years etc ) is probably inappropriate.