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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the story contest.. reunion

lila was smart . smart enough to pull every one of her enemies into a trap. she called the party precisely with this intention.
she told the writer and probably every one that she had only a few years to live. an indication that she knew that she would be killed soon. she was telling every one that one of you would kill me.
yes . she was setting the perfect stage to implicate her enemies in a murder case.
but then someone should get killed . lila could have killed herself for that. but she was not the type to say good bye to a lif which she enjoyed. see how she distributed her love . and survived many an attempt on her life.
so lila killed sia her twin. not becoz she disliked sia. yes she did, but not enough to kill her. but she saw in the  death of sia an opportunity to send her enemies  to jail .
so lila killed sia and made it appear as though lila was killed by one of the five suspects.
but  how  i dont know . really dont know

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