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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

table cover paper for parties

marriage parties and almost all other feasts are now being managed almost entirely by professional groups. they decorate the  stage , cook the food  and serve it nicely to the guests. and they bring in innovations too.
one such innovation is covering the desk with paper which helps in removing the left over easily.
and the latest is spreading this paper in multilayers . just remove the first layer with the left over and the table is ready for the next session.
my suggestion is to the manufacturers of this paper ( let us call it the dining paper ) to make it in multi layers.
if the paper comes in say 3 ply , it saves a lot of time . at one one go three layers can be laid.
for the manufaturers it is the question of effecting minor mofification in their packing section.

let us see who picks up this idea first