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Monday, July 3, 2017

random thoughts on nsg

an old debate in face book reproduced

n s g
1. why is india clamouring for it ?
no sensible reason. trade is already permitted by nsg. ( if it is a case specific one , may be nsg membership will make it universal. frankly i don't know. and it doesn't matter anyway. ) 

the only possible explanation is that psychological boost. nsg took birth basically to control india in its nuclear adventure. if finally india gets a seat in nsg it can probably boost our confidence in international dealings.
the other explanation is to play up the drama element . make nsg membership look like a kittaakkanai and then project the struggle and finally the happy ending.

2. why is usa supporting us ?
only becoz we are a large buyer willing to fall in line. and usa is a seller in a hurry. (may be they can do it without india being a member of nsg. there should a limiting clause in the present arrangement. frankly i don't have the details.)

3. can military use be identified ?
123 agreement is based mainly on the presumption that military and non military installations can be marked out. i don't see how it can be done. in fact the initial opposition was mainly due the fear that it will destroy our thorium research and block our military use.

even in the present form india can never think of moving an inch ahead in nuclear research. another blast and we are banned. hyde clause will apply . probably worse than before. we will become a proclaimed offender. in that sense 123 is as bad as npt.

4. what do we plan to buy from usa ?
clearly second hand nuclear generators is a top item. look at the insistence of usa on reducing the insurance liability and how we toed the line. this probably is the biggest sell off the country has seen in recent history. any debate is welcome.

my take
nsg membership is drama. nothing wrong in a little bit of entertainment in politics.

123 agreement is a disaster. people kept low profile becoz of the delay in its implementation. they thought that in typical indian style 123 will also be left in the dust bin. now that it is in the implementation mode we should at least know what we are going to get and in return for what

123 killed our military ambitions for ever. almost like npt. that is where they scored and we lost. we probably thought we could somehow go ahead with our clandestine military research and yet have some benefits under 123. typically indian like the rope trick . a perfect illusion
comments leading to the summary as above

 the fact is that we have military ambitions. and that hope is belied for ever. with 123. whether we could have gone ahead with another blast in the present can probably have only nay as answer. but that is a a different matter. had we asked this question before our first ever blast the answer could not have been anything but nay
  we could probably have gone forward with thorium research or for some other alternate fuel

  we probably had options. i don't think pakistan has shut down its reactors for no 123.
123 agreement executed between India and NSG in 2008 has already lifted the ban on supply of nuclear materials by NSG members to India:, since then, many NSG members started supplying nuclear materials to our country to be used for peaceful purpose. Even conservative country like Australia has agreed to supply Uranium and other raw materials required for nuclear reactor;;we are also receiving offers from advanced countries for setting up nuclear plants The advantage we may be having by becoming member of NSG is that we will have a say in the policy formulation/changes of NSG in future. That is the reason why our former External affairs minister Mr.Yashwant sinha opined that India was not going to be benefited by joining NSG.