q u o t e

Friday, May 5, 2017

compassion please come back

something is terribly wrong with us malayalees. chants of hang, casatrate, ampute have been in the air for quite some time. as exemplary punishments. to deter prospective miscreants.
it seems we have now turned activists if not extremists.we caught an assamese youth after a long chase across bathrooms in many houses in kottayam, tied his hands and legs and left him
in the scorching sun. probably he couldn't withstand our pats and hugs too. he died.
something is terribly wrong with us. we probably imagined him
to be a master thief bent on looting all our homes in one go.
or worse still we took him for an international terrorist
unusually lost and luckily found in our backyard.
or is something more sinister the mater with us ? are we sold
on the dictum 'do it if u can manage it'. if u can get away
with it do anything. rape, loot, kill if it is dark enough.
and if day break is far enough. and that is smart of u.
is it too late to try and retrieve ourselves from the black hole
in the mind to which we have deliberately dived ? let us think. using whatever portion of our mind which is still not cleared
of rationality. let us recall compassion, well, whatever is left of it.