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Monday, October 6, 2014

waiting for your response

as usual i went to a petrol bunk and asked for
full fill. they were not for it . they were recommending
a specific fill like say for rs 500, 1000 or even 5 litres,
10 litres or whatever. anything other than full tank .

but i insisted. lo and behold . my tank which can hold
a maximum of   22 litres  doesn't get enough even after
the meter crosses 24 litre mark.

i went to a bunk run directly by an oil company and
got my tank capacity confirmed. it is 21.5 litres,  22 litres
if you  wait long enough for the slow fill in the end.

i could do this becoz my car runs on gas too. i  can
wait for petrol or gas to be emptied fully before the
refill. for single fuel cars it is difficult to wait till
the tank is empty. so this loot goes almost unnoticed.

i tried with a different private pump. this time
 with gas. same result. about 10% excess bill.

what do we do ?  reveal the names of pumps in this
column to start with ? and then mass complaints ?

waiting for your response.