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Saturday, October 4, 2014

can we define god ?

in response to a challenge in
    philosophy network under linked in
       to define  god

the simplest definition is law giver. when humans started living together the need for rules arose. and the need for someone superior to design rules. so someone invented god and said all the rules that he is espousing was given by god and therefore should be obeyed.

a little more involved definition is emperor of the universe. he who controls the entire universe.
and probably who designed this world and is running it . and who will continue to manage the universe for ever.

a more personal definition of god is the guide and friend who leads me thru thick and thin and protects me from my difficulties , both physical and mental.

a philosophical definition of god is that inner conscience in every being   which helps one chose between right and wrong , life and death . the one which shapes the destiny of every being by residing inside the being.

a scientific definition of god probably is that software which runs the program called universe . self supporting self correcting self replicating and self evolving .

a practical definition of god is that phenomenon which we human beings or for that matter any beings are not empowered to understand, analyse or modify; which we are only allowed to view that too  in parts ; in small parts decided by the orbit in which one is destined to travel and the time slot which we are allowed to be in , at any given instant