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Saturday, June 21, 2014

planning commission

modi plans to downsize planning commission.
 better late than never.

what has planning commission achieved so far ?
other than publishing lengthy research papers
and adding a few new  words to the dictionary.

that is if u r ready to overlook the immense delays
planning commission introduced in the planning
process in india. for reasons ranging from academic
ambivalence to egoistic shadow fights. from unupdated
political philosophy  to stubborn insistence on ignoring
ground realities.

forget the past . let us experiment planning without the
commission . heavens will not fall. no doubt about it.

nothing wrong in allowing planning commission to
continue the work which they know . of publishing
research papers and holding international  seminars.
but let them not be vested with the power to sanction
( read delay or deny) development  plans of india