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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

poverty alleviation

an unusual suggestion

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  1. at the base of poverty is the mismatch between population and resources.
    the obvious solution is to increase resources or reduce population or both.
    what i am suggesting is distribution. of population or resources or both.
    i know how difficult it is to even think about it. but see the simplicity. hail it.

    if there exists a solution to a problem however complex, it has to be a simple
    one. in other words there is nothing like a complex solution. it doesnt exist.

    so why not distribute population? definitely not the forced variety. the voluntary
    type.which means help the pople move if they really feel like. the catch is
    across the border. or from one country to another. without restrictions.

    and that is the crux of the problem. nations. their boundaries. patriotism.
    its inflated status. history which is the story of wars.

    they are the constraints.  but  opportunities. are there any ? can v rethink
    about the restrictions ? what will happen if australia or newzwaland allows
    indians or if u dont mind keralites to move in ? will it destroy that country ?

    but then countries are destined to whither away. if marx is to be believed.
    why delay it consciously ?