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Monday, February 13, 2012

please close that door

please call that door is the call that we hear so often these days.
that is ,  if you are travelling in a kerala state transport bus in a city.
these city buses have a peculiar facility. doors . which need to be
closed by  passengers .

please close that door is the call  from the poor conductor
requesting the passengers to close the door to help the
driver start the bus. but for gods sake, why should the
passenger do that extra bit ?

as a social service ? okay  let us try but what is at stake ?
you should ensure that you are the last man while getting out.
and while getting in you should ensure that no one is behind

what is the benefit ? none.

is there a way out ? yes. let the authorities keep the doors open
while plying thru the city. or avoid the doors altogether. all those
private buses plying in the city do without doors. why not ksrtc ?