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Saturday, February 25, 2012

international waters dispute

italian navy men shoot and kill indian while fishing.
govt for a change took prompt action. the marines
are in our custody and the judicial process is on
 so far so good .

italians are trying their best to save their men. quite natural.
they are bringing in more confusions like their ship was in
international waters when the firing took place , the fishermen
looked like pirates etc. most recent one being  it is not their
 firing that killed the indians.

we are bound to stand firm on our turf and seek justice.

but are we swinging away ?. into international waters?

even if we accept the international waters arguments what is
it boiling down to ?. can they fire from international waters
and kill someone on the indian shore ?. forget about the shore.
if it is the man sitting in his seaside office who is killed can
the international water argument save the killers ?

or if we stand firm on our land and fire at a ship sailing in the
international waters and kill the sailors are we above the law
indian or international ?