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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

demon scars

that the flight called demonetization, demon for short,  has been hijacked is no more  a matter for debate. even the hardcore optimists who take  b positive  tablets the first thing in the morning are convinced. they however believe that the flight will somehow  land . they have faith in the pilot. but the mute point is whether he is still in the cockpit .
this post however is not to speculate on the fate of demon which will   be known in a few days for sure. this attempt is to draw attention to the damage done to the indian polity which is probably irreversible.

1. crack in the govt machinery
any government or for that matter any establishment has a core segment at the bottom which manages the routine but vital functions.  this segment is responsible for running the govt irrespective of the who is at the higher  level. it is at this upper level which remains volatile that all the political games take place and  the colour  and tenor change frequently while the hard core bottom level remains solid and firm.

it is this solid core block of the govt which shows fissure now . and the symptoms are there for anyone who care to see. and recurring at alarmingly short intervals.

2. polarisation in the society
demon has succeeded in dividing the country vertically. with no space for a neutral view. there is no space even for debates or discussions. opinions on both sides are so hardened and opposite that any discussion eventually becomes a personal attack. with response emotional and nothing else.
how good this polarisation is depends on which side of the fascist divide the viewer is. but what history has shown again and and again is that  polarisation of this kind can never be defused in a gradual peaceful manner. it needs an explosion to settle down. violence is a confirmed outcome of if not a  prerequisite to deionisation   the surcharged society.

before signing off  , titbit of rustic wisdom.  a dialogue which i overheard in a bus plying to a remote village in kerala . in fact there are no remote villages in kerala. remote here means a little away from the main roads.
 " modiji is the weakest prime minister we ever had. he is good runner but hands over the baton before completing even half a lap. he then starts another run not bothering  to see how the earlier run proceeds. he is in fact running away consciously ...  if only our pm stopped being an escapist  and stayed on  track a little longer .... "