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Monday, February 2, 2015

lessons from devayani issue

now that US is fresh in our memory let us dish out the now buried devayani humiliation incidents for a re read . and if possible look for lessons to be learned . which may help us in the race to join the world power group. if we are serious , that is.

devayani issue was the one where US did everything wrong. but see how they  wriggled out . or  converted this clear threat into a rare opportunity and won. and the lesson lies in how they did it .

whatever US did was wrong.

it was wrong to decide to use the devayani issue to teach india a lesson. in diplomacy such issues are used effectively in nation to nation spats. but  US failed to realise that the devayani issue was too sensitive to be used thus.

it was wrong to humiliate the lady to the  the extent it was done. the midway arrest, the all hloes  search, convicted criminals for night company were all definitely over done.

the prosecution case was flimsy. minimum wage violation is serious. but the way the perquisites like food and accommodation were excluded made the case very weak.

it was wrong to go to the extent the US went to support the case. it was illegal by any standards to airlift sangeetha's husband against whom proceedings were pending in the indian courts. involvement of US embassy officials in arranging the visa was definitely against accepted norms.

US erred grossly in anticipating the reaction in india. they failed to realise that humiliation of  a dalit lady of social standing hurts the indian psyche so badly that the entire nation revolts in one voice.

US failed to fortify their defence  before starting the battle. when the indian govt retaliated with withdrawal of special benefits in airport access, liquor permits etc,  looking into covertly employed spouse of embassy staff , enquiry into probable tax evasion , etc  US had no reply.  the fact that almost none of these benefits have been reinstated  even after dramatic improvement in diplomatic relations is a testimony  to the gravity of the lapse. 

US failed to utilise the favourable court verdict to close the issue . instead they went for appeal and thus made the issue unsolvable. today that the two countries are much better friends , can the US afford to jail devayani if she tries to enter the country is a difficult question .

now coming back to the probable course of action by which US won this lost battle.

once the US realised that they can not win they started to work for averting a defeat.  a country like US cannot afford to lose. they probably began to think in the lines of persuading india to withdraw the case. and that is where they won hands down.

see how devayani was not mentioned even once in the recent bonhomie. or before. not by the indian govt . not by the media indian or foreign . which is really surprising.

not only that . indian govt started proceeding agaisnt devayani. probably to stymie any personal protests from her side.

how the battle was won i have no idea. but the lesson we should learn to use in international power politics is clear. if you cannot win , force the opponent to withdraw. in our place it is called bringing the snake back to suck out the poison