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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

modi has won half the battle

now that the US has promised diplomatic immunity to modi if he were to become PM of india he has almost won half the battle. coming from the greatest power on earth this is no mean achievement.

he will not be arrested , handcuffed , strip searched or lodged with criminals in the US. he is being offered full diplomatic immunity. but he still stands the risk of being asked to leave the country within 24 hours. and frisked at ever airport under standard procedure . but that is a small prize to pay for the chance to set foot on the great soil.

but there is a catch. this is the concession US is offering to the prime minister of india , in their eagerness to further strengthen the friendly relationship with the largest democracy in the world. if modi does not become PM of india , will he be continued to be debarred or  allowed in with limited diplomatic immunity  with special privileges which we have seen in the recent past ?

US is usually candid in foreign policy proclamations , befitting its world power status.  even while issuing clarifications they ensure that appropriate words are used. for example recall how the following were used with stunning effect. 'not handcuffed immediately or always'; 'not a full body cavity search but only strip search' ; 'lodged with , may be , criminals and drug addicts but  US citizens' . the only time they could not get the right words is  when questioned about their right to evacuate any one from any country especially if court proceedings are pending in that country.

it is in the treatment  of modi who may not be the PM of india that  the US is second time in loss of words. or is it deliberate equivocation to aid the process of redefining the relationship between the greatest power and the largest democracy which started a few months back ?

modi has won half the battle. but now the other half has become more important.