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Friday, June 22, 2012

population control or redistribution ?

i have a small garden on the roof.

ladys fingers, tomatoes and some chillies.
if u think i get vegetables from the garden
u r mistaken. i get only a strange satisfaction.
when i see the sprouts and the leaves and the
occasional flowers. and the rare rare fruits.
and the squirrels who feed on them.

there are a few love birds too in my garden.
i started with a pair in one cage . now there
are ten in two cages. eight in the old cage
and two in the new one. they chirp thru out
the night . they do it louder in the mornings
when i walk up to them for a closer look.

i told my colleagues about the birds. to boost
my image. as a bird watcher too. but
there were experts in the group. with long
experience. they told me that the cage is
overcrowded. eight is too many to live in
a small cage.

they lectured to me about the strain on the
resources. they asked me to take population
control measures at the earliest .

they asked me to enforce production discipline.
no more than one offspring per pair. they suggested
disincentives for the indiscipined . keep them
away from govt jobs. run awareness programs.
make it unfashionable to have more kids.
and many more.

but i did nothing of the sort. i just transferred
a pair of my beloved birds to the new cage. and
i still wonder why we think only about control of
population and not about relocating them .

more of it u like the idea and grade it debatable.