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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

waste disposal

there is a  pretty deep well in the mind of every one.
this is where we dump our waste. waste thoughts,
spent emotions, hurt feelings et al.

normally these wastes get evaporated regularly.
we call this oblivion. and the dump keeps enough
space for refills.

yet the process halts occasionally. it is  when the mind
gets into doubt. whether the material is waste or of use.

the best thing to do in such occasions is to pour out the
contents of our waste dumps and  reconfirm the waste
status of the contents. the cleaning process will usually
restart .

but if there really are non waste materials in our mind
dumps the issue becomes difficult. we may have to
sort and tag them again. we can usually do this
on our own. we can say to ourselves that
 these  are really trivial things and we want
to forget them. and it works.

but occasionally a few issues refuse to subside.
we will have to treat them  further. that is where
counselling comes in.

counselling helps maintain  sanity. let us overcome
the fear and submit to counselling . occasionally to
start with.

sorry i did not deal with real waste or its disposal.
next time is good time.