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Monday, January 17, 2011


can any one be confined , in the real sense ? or is any one really free ?
one of the famous poets in malayalam said

കാഞ്ചന കാഞ്ചന കൂട്ടിലാണെങ്കിലും
ബന്ധുര ബന്ധുര തന്നെ പാരില്‍

which means even if the cage is made of gold the bird remains confined
confinement means freedom of movement is restricted. if you are in a
prison cell  you cannot move beyond the four wall of the cell.
but arent all of us confined ? can any of us move beyond the earth
and say, go to the moon ? so we are all caged but the cage is so big that
we do not see it. so confinement can be redefined as a cage small enough to
restrict our day to day movements . but that is about physical movement and
probably material things. but no one can restrict your thought process .  no one
can control your emotions beyond a limit , that is . so who can confine any
 one in the real sense ?
but the catch is how do you find out  if the cage you are in is big enough or not.
for that you should test the  boundaries . you should go farther and farther till
you see the barbed wires.
see the cow tied to a pole. she tries out the boundaries first . she then settles down
to grazing with in the permitted area. if the rope is long enough it doesnt mater.
test your boundaries . go to the end of the rope and pull it  a bit. it is a satisfying